Business English

Are you dreaming of improving your language skills to a level that will allow you
to develop freely in your career?

As you probably know – better language skills result in better job opportunities, more attractive offers, and higher salaries!

Vivolang is one of our partners that enables us to fulfill our mission of providing comprehensive professional support to the Employees of our agency.

It offers an app for learning industry-specific English, with learning paths individually tailored to the industry and subject you want to develop in.

You can find there learning paths specifically designed for our Employees that will increase communication proficiency in workplaces such as the greenhouse, warehouse, and production company.

Access to the app for our Employees
is completely free!

To receive 3 months of free access to the app – all you have to do is work the first 10 days with no late arrivals or absences!

You will receive an additional 3 months for each recommended Employee with whom our agency establishes cooperation.

You also receive 3 free tutoring hours with a qualified English teach, who helps you work on the language problems you struggle with.

Want to learn more? Contact our team.