By bus to the Netherlands. Why choose this transport option?

By bus to the Netherlands. Why choose this transport option?

By bus to the Netherlands. Why choose this transport option? 1000 1000 ReadySteadyGo

Destination? The Netherlands!

It happened! You’re planning a trip to the Netherlands. It’s time to choose the best transport option. But not to worry. The good news is that the great popularity of the route Poland – the Netherlands means that you can choose from the offers of many bus operators.

Passenger transport from Poland is extremely popular and Poles are increasingly travelling to the country of tulips and windmills. No wonder that company owners are responding to market demand with a very high frequency of services. So, which means of transport is the best option for a trip to the Netherlands? You will find the answer in the following text.

Transport to the Netherlands: safe, comfortable and increasingly popular

The transport options are truly numerous. You can travel to the Netherlands by plane, private car, train, coach or bus. However, our Employees most often choose the comfortable and relatively cheap option, which is to travel by bus. Why are buses to the Netherlands so popular?

Competitive prices and almost everyday transport

Consider as well the fact that bus operators reach many cities located in the Netherlands almost every single day. So you don’t have to worry if your destination is a less popular place or a small town. You will be driven to your final destination.

In addition, the special discounts offered by our Ready Steady Go agency make this a convenient and relatively cheap transport option.

Saving money not only on the ticket price

When planning your trip to the Netherlands, you also need to consider other aspects of your transport. Remember that travelling by air generates additional baggage costs, which increase the ticket price significantly.

If you travel by bus, you can take up to two suitcases or bags, as well as hand luggage and… basically nothing to worry about. All this is included in the price of your ticket. The buses usually go directly to small towns and cities, which means a great deal of convenience for the traveller. Here you also benefit because you don’t pay extra for any taxis or buses. This is also a huge advantage for people who are going to the Netherlands for the first time and are stressed about possible communication difficulties.

Guaranteed transport from and to the address you specify

You should know that buses to the Netherlands reach all corners of the country, and not just the most popular destinations. A noteworthy feature is the ‘door-to-door’ service, which involves transportation to an address that you specify in advance. This means that you will be picked up by a bus at the indicated place and transported to a specific point of the map in the Netherlands!

This is a great advantage and comfort for travellers. No wonder our Employees usually choose this transport option. Do you want to travel to or from a specific address, but do not have the option of travelling by car? Ask about our door-to-door offer!

For everyone, the comfort of the journey is very important

A bus trip to the Netherlands is a guarantee that you will arrive at your destination on time. So, you don’t have to worry about airport check-in, ordering extra taxis or bus tickets. You already know this. But what if you decide to travel by your own car?

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High fuel costs in the Netherlands

Be aware of the high cost of refuelling in the Netherlands. Currently, petrol prices in the Netherlands are considered to be the highest in the whole of Europe. If you come to the Netherlands in a car equipped with an LPG system, you will also need to remember about the special adapter that will allow you to fill up with gas. However, fuel prices are not everything. You also have to consider the so-called road tax. What is this tax and what costs does it generate?

Road tax in the Netherlands also known as MRB

When you come to the Netherlands with your own car, you need to know that you will have to pay a special tax for it, from which the roads are maintained. Unfortunately, this also includes foreigners who come to the Netherlands. If you are registered outside the Netherlands, this tax does not apply to you for 6 months. Unfortunately, after this time, you are obliged to pay road tax. What costs does the MRB generate?

The amount of tax depends on the weight of the car and its intended use. For example, for a passenger car over two tonnes, you will have to pay over €2,000 per year! Unfortunately, these are not low costs, so consider coming in your own car if you decide to stay in the Netherlands for a long time.

Transport in the Netherlands without a car? You can!

You decide to work in the Netherlands and wonder what if you choose a bus as your mean of transport? No worries. Our employment agency Ready Steady Go supports all Employees in this matter. Know that if your workplace is more than 15 kilometres away, you are entitled to commute to work in a company car. Driving a long distance to work is therefore not a problem.

A popular mean of transport in the Netherlands is of course also the bicycle. Know that our employees have Dutch and electric bicycles at their disposal, depending on your needs. You can use them not only for commuting to work, but also in your free time. For more information, see this article.

You can also become a company car driver

If you feel very good behind the wheel, you can become a company car driver and drive other Employees to work. Know that you are then entitled to an additional work bonus for the driver. You also do not cover petrol costs. When you receive the keys to your car, you receive a card that you use to pay for fuel and a car wash.

In turn, if you decide to use our accommodation, you will additionally receive a bicycle, which is a convenient, fast and safe form of transport in the Netherlands.

Buses to the Netherlands – economical and comfortable travelling

You already know that the option of travelling by bus is not only cheap, but also… comfortable! When planning a trip to the Netherlands, it’s a good idea to find out what facilities a particular employment agency offers. Our Employees can be provided with a bicycle and, if necessary, a company car. Importantly, we also pay for fuel and a car wash. While choosing an employment agency, pay attention to any benefits it offers its Employees.

Do you have any other questions about going to work in the Netherlands for the first time? Follow our blog or contact us in a private message.