Cheese production worker

Cheese production worker

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Cheese production worker

Job description:

In this company, ladies do something completely different than men! Men place blocks of cheese (approx. 10-15kg) on the grinding machine, operate the machines and production lines. Women pack sacks of grated cheese into boxes (20-50g), stack the boxes onto pallets, and take the products to the warehouse.


11.94€ (11.06€ + 8% holiday allowance) + shift bonuses



Knowledge of language:

English: communicative


Temperature: approximately 2°C

Shift work:

yes, three-shift

Guaranteed hours:


Work type:



  • Placing cheese blocks (approx. 10-15 kg) on the grinding machine
  • Operating machines and production lines
  • Packing bags of grated cheese into boxes (20-50g)
  • Placing cheese boxes on pallets
  • Taking products to the warehouse


  • Willingness to work in a three-shift operation
  • Availability for min. 6 months
  • No contradictions to work in a cold environment of approx. 2°C
  • Communicative knowledge of English or Dutch
  • Category B driving license is welcome

We offer:

  • Stable work (Dutch employment contract)
  • Guaranteed hours (minimum 36h/week!)
  • Weekly payment
  • Weekly payment of holiday allowance
  • Bonus for drivers (paid net with salary)
  • Shift bonuses
  • Free of charge transport to and from work
  • Housing according to SNF standards
  • Reimbursement of extraterritorial costs
  • Opportunity to participate in free language and industry courses

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