Machine operator in a company with vegetarian products

Machine operator in a company with vegetarian products

Machine operator in a company with vegetarian products 1920 1280 Ersetic Developer

Machine operator in a company with vegetarian products

Job description:

Machine operator is responsible for the entire production process taking place on the production line. Their tasks include switching on and checking the efficiency of the machines, setting an appropriate pace that simultaneously ensures high productivity while maintaining the quality of the production process, changing parameters depending on the type of products, and securing the machine after finishing work. This is a responsible job that requires prior training.


15.12€ (12.50€ + 8% holiday bonus + 12% shift allowance)



Knowledge of language:

English: communicative


Temperature: 5-7°C

Shift work:

yes, two-shift

Guaranteed hours:


Work type:



If the candidate has no experience in a similar position, there is a possibility of training.

  • Checking the efficiency of the machine and its proper operation
  • Starting the machine before beginning work and switching it off at the end of the order
  • Ensuring the supply of ingredients required for the manufacture of semi-finished products
  • Carrying out quality control
  • Improving the efficiency of the production process


  • CV in English
  • Experience in working with machines
  • No contraindications to work in a cold environment of approx. 5°C
  • Communicative knowledge of English
  • Availability for min. 6 months

We offer:

  • Stable work (Dutch employment contract)
  • Guaranteed hours (minimum 36h/week!)
  • Weekly payment
  • Weekly payment of holiday allowance
  • Bonus for drivers (paid net with salary)
  • Shift bonuses
  • Free of charge transport to and from work
  • Housing according to SNF standards
  • Reimbursement of extraterritorial costs
  • Opportunity to participate in free language and industry courses

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