Why is it worth to look for a job through an agency?

Why is it worth to look for a job through an agency?

Why is it worth to look for a job through an agency? 1000 1000 ReadySteadyGo

Working abroad is an option that attracts more and more people every year. New job offers for permanent and temporary workers are constantly appearing on the labour market and employment agencies abroad are constantly recruiting. If you are also looking for a job abroad in the near future, check out why it is worth organising it with the help of an agency.

Job offers for people without experience and language skills

Job offers for unskilled Employees and workers with no experience

Job offers abroad, which the READY STEADY GO recruitment agency has, are not only for qualified and experienced workers. Everyone who wants to work and is not afraid of change will find a job for themselves. Thus, you do not need to have any experience – good intentions and a positive attitude are enough.

Period of employment

Moreover, in an employment agency abroad job offers can be found both by those who want to leave for a few months, and those who are only looking for a temporary job, e.g. for a holiday break or Christmas. Planning a longer trip, a more interesting and better paid job offers can be counted on than in the case of employment for just a few weeks, but even in the latter case, the earnings are very high.

What about language skills?

When you decide to go abroad to work, organised by an agency, in many workplaces only the basics of a foreign language will be sufficient. Many people still believe that when going abroad for work, you need to know at least English and preferably also the official language of the country you are going to. In many workplaces, basic knowledge of English is sufficient for everyday communication. Agencies often employ people of different nationalities, so it is very likely that you will also meet people who speak your native language

You already know the basics and want to develop your language skills? As a Ready Steady Go Employee, you receive free access to a platform, where you can learn business English, as well as discounts on classes with a teacher!

Employment agencies abroad will ensure continuity of employment

Let the work find you

Although there is no shortage of job offers for unskilled workers in the Netherlands, it is still often difficult to find work on your own. Employment agencies make the job search process much easier, as they have access to hundreds of current offers and will present you with those that best fit your profile and expectations.

Reliable and verified workplaces abroad

The agency’s Employees verify all jobs and check the conditions carefully, so they know what kind of workers the employers need and can match the Employee well with the job. Even if the first choice is not right, the agency will take care of the search for the next job, so the Employee does not have to worry about being left empty-handed.

Flexible workers

Employment agencies are often approached by people who do not have precise employment expectations or experience in any of the sectors they offer. The job opportunities are then very high. For the first few weeks, it is advisable to work as a flexible worker, who is assigned to different positions in several companies. This will give you the opportunity to find out in which position you are best suited. If you prove yourself, there is a good chance that your employer will appreciate this and will assign you more responsible tasks and will want to invest in your professional development.

Employment agency and finances

Higher wages and risks

Do you choose a job offer abroad on your own because you hope to earn more than if an employment agency organises the same position? Although there is such perception, this is not entirely true. It is true that if you look for a job on your own you may get a higher salary to start with, but you will also have a higher cost of living and the job will be riskier and more stressful. In addition, if something goes wrong and the job turns out to be unsuitable, you will have to take part in the recruitment process again and wait until the next employer decides to work with you.

This takes time and money. It will be expensive to live in the Netherlands, Germany or any other western European country before you start earning euros, so when you go to these countries, you need to have cash ready both to start with and for a ‘rainy day’.

Plan your trip to the Netherlands carefully

If you want to work abroad, you have to reckon with certain costs. They are generated already by the preparations for departure and transport to the place of work. If you buy the ticket on your own, you run the risk of overpaying for the trip and arriving at the place of work at times when the company/agency office is closed, which will incur further costs, e.g. accommodation, taxi.

Meanwhile, recruitment agencies abroad that send workers to the same places all the time cooperate with transport operators and can offer discounts on tickets. You can also be sure that you will arrive at the place during working hours of the company/office and provided with free transport to your accommodation.

Living and travelling to work

When you start working in the Netherlands, you also need to have some cash to start with. How much money you need depends on your form of travel.

Travelling alone

If you make your own travel and work arrangements, you need to secure money not only for the trip itself, but also to pay for accommodation and to live for at least one month, that is, until you get your first paycheck.

Agency work

When you choose agency work, the costs are significantly reduced. You can count not only on cheaper tickets, but also on lower rent and reduced costs of travelling to work – accommodation and transport to the workplace are taken care of by the agency.  In case of Ready Steady Go agency, the transport from/to work is free of charge and the housing costs will be taken from your first weekly payment, i.e. from the money you earn. Even before leaving your country, you will know what costs will be deducted from your salary, so you can plan your own expenses and savings. This is a very convenient solution.

Working abroad and improving your skills

Language skills

Among the job offers you will find both those from employers who do not require knowledge of the language and those in which at least basic communication skills are useful, for instance in English. The higher your knowledge of English, the more opportunities and higher pay you will get. If you don’t speak English, before you leave you can take part in a language course organized by the READY STEADY GO agency. This course is designed for people working abroad in sectors such as gardening, manufacturing, warehousing, focused on learning communication between the Employee and the employer.

An agency can help improve your qualifications

Many jobs abroad, although they do not require special qualifications, help you to gain these qualifications in practice. By working for a few months in one position, you can acquire skills that will be useful in your next job, which can result, for example, in a higher salary at your next employer or a promotion in your current company.


In the Netherlands, people with additional skills and qualifications are very welcome. Even before your departure, it is worth investing in a few courses or trainings, for example a forklift course or at least a driving licence (if you don’t have one) or further training, which will allow you to feel confident behind the wheel, in case you need to drive a company car while working abroad.

Work abroad through an agency

Therefore, if you want to go abroad to work, you should use the possibility of organizing the trip by the READY STEADY GO agency. We offer not only help in completing the necessary formalities, but also detailed information on employers, verified, reliable and attractive job offers in the Netherlands, as well as several courses and discounts from our business Partners.

On our website you can find a lot of useful information which will make your recruitment process and departure quick and smooth. If you have additional questions and need us to contact you by phone, leave your number or write a message on the site 🙂