Low own contribution
and no need for
work experience.

Working abroad is an excellent way to improve your financial situation, popular among both younger and older people.

By choosing our agency, there is no need to worry about experience – you will learn everything on the spot! And if the job you have chosen does not suit you, you will have the opportunity to change it.

Cooperation with us ensures a low own contribution needed for the trip – less than if you decided to look for a job on your own.

Working abroad is
completely safe.

When choosing a recruitment agency, it is important to know that every legally operating agency is registered in the National Register of Employment Agencies.
You can find our entry in the register here.

A similar obligation is imposed on Dutch employment agencies, which are obliged to belong to the Dutch Association of Temporary Employment, abbreviated as ABU.
You can find this register here and each of the employment agencies we cooperate with. This ensures that you are working legally, and that the employment agency will provide you with conditions that comply with Dutch labour law.

Apart from work, housing conditions are the second most crucial issue.
All the staff accommodation we provide is SNF certified by the Association for the Regulation of Temporary Workers’ Accommodation, which ensures a decent standard of living for temporary workers. Certified housing is a guarantee that they meet Dutch standards for living and private area, sanitary facilities, health and safety conditions, equipment, as well as fire protection.

It’s worth knowing that these accommodation units are fully equipped – you don’t have to take pots and pans or bedding with you, instead you can use the free space in your luggage for the things you really need!

We offer full health and social support, which will be provided by English and Polish-speaking coordinators. Do you need medical assistance or to arrange something at the office? Our staff will be glad to assist you!

You are also protected in case you contract coronavirus – if you are concerned about symptoms, the agency provides free coronavirus testing and accommodation during quarantine, as well as the opportunity to participate in a vaccination programme.


Comfortable staff

Transparent contract

Support throughout
the employment

What is the attitude of employment
agencies towards marijuana?

Similar to the attitude towards alcohol in Poland – its legality does not mean that you can come to work under its influence. In addition, in order to increase the comfort of the Employees and to prevent situations that disrupt the comfort of roommates, the use and possession of marijuana in agency premises is prohibited.

Popular misconceptions about
working in the Netherlands

If I start working through a recruitment agency, I will earn less than if I look for a job directly at a foreign employment agency.

Foreign agencies are more than willing to cooperate with recruitment agencies – one of their main challenges is to find enough people to work with, and our activity as a result reduces their costs. Hence, the money going into our account is deducted from the profit of the foreign employment agency – never from the profit of the Employee.

Agencies deceive on payments – a friend of mine worked the same job and earned more.

Dutch employment law is very complex, even though you have the same wage and the same amount of time worked, your pay may vary – for example due to age differences (find out what factors may affect the difference in payment). If you have any doubts about your salary – ask our administration department for help or calculate your weekly salary yourself on Salaris, about which you can find more information here.

Recruitment agencies do not care about the quality of their offer – they want to send as many people abroad as possible, since they are paid just for recruiting a worker.

We only receive payment from the employment agency if the Employee works long enough. If you are not satisfied with the conditions and get back home quickly – we do not receive any remuneration for such cooperation. Thus, it is crucial for us to meet your expectations in the best possible way and to offer you work you will be pleased with!

Agencies charge penalties for termination of the contract.

We do not charge any penalties. However, you must bear in mind that staff accommodation is rented from private contractors, and that housing contracts have a notice period. Therefore, abrupt termination of your contract may incur housing costs – so it is important that you always inform us 4 weeks in advance if you wish to cancel your work or plan holidays.