Fill your staffing shortages with personnel from central and eastern Europe.

Our process for recruiting and implementing Employees is based on a dialogue with agencies like yours. Discover our methods and find out why working with us means less trouble for you.

We specialize in following industries: technical, production, logistics and gardening.

We are well acquainted with the needs of Employers located in Western and Northern Europe – before establishing our own agency, we worked and gained experience as Temporary Employees.

We regularly visit our clients’ workplaces, which keeps us abreast of changes in their needs, expectations and work realities.

This allows us to select Employees much more precisely and prepare them to keep their efficiency and job satisfaction are at a high level, while turnover and absenteeism rates are low.


20 000+

job applicants

4 000+

sent to work

We are recruiting in following languages:






Transparent and effective partnership:

Define personnel requirements

Tell us what sort of staff you need to meet your company’s goals and get clear information on how long it will take to recruit Employees

Selection according to your expectations

We thoroughly check qualifications, skills and language proficiency by verifying documents and interviewing candidates via video chat

Taking care of transport and deployment

We arrange international transport for Employees, provide information to make it easier to start work and offer support throughout the period of employment

Reporting and optimization of the work process

We receive constructive and honest feedback from our Employees.

It allows our clients to improve company performance and communication between the Employee and the Employer, resulting in reduced staff turnover.

Selected staff to meet the needs of your customers

Thanks to a detailed recruitment and verification process for candidates, our educational offerings and a comprehensive introduction process, our employees have better English skills, lower turnover and are prepared more accurately to other competing agencies.









Production workers

Gardening workers

Find out why…

82% of our clients rate our staff better than competing agencies

English language learning

 access to a modern language platform and classes with a tutor, allowing Employees to learn industry-specific language – the kind used at work

Comprehensive implementation process

providing accessible and informative handouts to help Emloyees prepare for work and the journey

Discounts to support long-term cooperation

offering discounts on transportation, education and accounting services, so Employees work with us more willingly and longer than with other agencies

Certificate of no criminal record

each candidate is verified to ensure the absence of problems with the law and at the request of the client we obtain a certificate of no criminal record

Online conversation

conducting an online interview with each candidate, which allows us to get to know each other better and see if they meet our clients’ expectations

Analysis of social media presence

checking social media profiles of candidates excluding those whose behavior indicates potential problems in the workplace