Work for couples – the Netherlands not only for singles

Work for couples – the Netherlands not only for singles

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Thinking of going to work in the Netherlands, but don’t want to leave your other half in the country? You don’t have to – you can find attractive job opportunities for couples in the Netherlands, allowing you to start a new life with your loved one in one of Europe’s most picturesque countries.

Pros and cons of working in the Netherlands for couples

Job opportunities in the Netherlands await anyone who is ready and motivated to work – there is no exaggeration in this statement. Whether you are a middle-aged single person, a recent high school graduate or a mother who needs to support her family, there is a job for you. Couples can also apply for attractive jobs and working abroad does not necessarily have to involve breaking up.

Couples have no problem finding work in the Netherlands, and by using our agency, they can count on a guarantee of shared accommodation. There is also the chance of finding work for couples in the same company, but this is not guaranteed. This is something to think about carefully – living and working together is not always good for a relationship, as each of us needs some personal space. Dutch employers are well aware of this and are not always in favour of placing couples in the same position.

Work in the same company – is it always a good solution?

Every company has both men and women working for it, but not all companies allow both sexes to do the same job. In many places, men are assigned to heavier work than women, mainly due to genetic predisposition, they tend to be stronger and the work, e.g., carrying heavy things, is safer for them than for women.

Job offers tailored to the lower skilled person

A job abroad, like a job in Poland or any other country, involves meeting the employer’s expectations not only in terms of physical fitness and manual skills, but also experience and knowledge of a foreign language – Dutch or English. If you want to work together, you have to reckon that the job will be matched to the one of you who is less qualified, which means that the potential of the one who is better at speaking a foreign language or has more experience will not be realised.

As we wrote in the article Well-paid jobs without education in the Netherlands, those who communicate in English or Dutch can count on a higher gross wage paid in euros. We therefore recommend our Employees to choose jobs that match their skills and competences in order to make the most of the potential of both of you. It is not only a question of job satisfaction, but also of achieving higher salaries.

Disrupted work-life balance

In the Netherlands, the so-called work-life balance, i.e., maintaining a balance between private and professional life, plays a huge role. In the case of couples who work in the same company, it is difficult to maintain this balance because the people are with each other non-stop – both at work and at home.

Employers solve this problem by splitting couples between departments – this is particularly common in manufacturing companies, where different teams are formed with responsibility for, for example, production, labelling, distribution, picking, etc. In this way, not only can the potential of the Employee be used, but also potential conflicts can be prevented.

Bringing private life to work

This is one of the biggest concerns for employers when hiring couples. Conflicts are a natural part of any relationship and cannot be avoided. In the case of couples working in the same place, there is the problem of transferring these conflicts to the workplace, which affects the efficiency and productivity of the Employees, as well as the general poorer atmosphere that can be given to the whole shift. Working together is also a risk of wanting to take leave at the same time, which generates staffing problems for the employer.

An additional factor that may discourage employers from hiring couples is the problem of potential separation. In this situation, Employees most often do not want to work together, they do not even want to see each other, which generates further problems. This is another reason why employers are less favourable to employing couples in the same department.

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Working for one company, but in different departments 

As an employment agency, it is not uncommon for us to look for Employees to work for one company in several departments at the same time. So you may find that although you both find employment in the same company, you actually end up in different departments – which usually turns out to be the best compromise for couples who want to work together. This often means working at different hours and taking different breaks, but these apparent inconveniences can actually benefit your relationship and help it to blossom – we all need some time to ourselves, and a bit of separation is often the most effective way to rekindle the feeling between two people in love.

Commuting to work at different times can also prove to be a problem, but this inconvenience can be solved by the READY STEADY GO placement agency – the carers organise the journey from your accommodation to the workplace. You will receive a bicycle from the agency, which you can use not only for commuting to and from work, but also at weekends, during excursions in your free time. It can also be a car – in the case of companies that are far from your place of residence. One thing is certain – the issue of commuting is not a problem, even if you work for the same company but at different hours.

Couples not always welcomed by employers

The Netherlands is an open country for labour migrants and Dutch employers are keen to take on Poles for work. As a rule, a communicative knowledge of English and a willingness to work are sufficient to gain employment in the Netherlands.

Working together in the light go psychology

It turns out that the problems perceived by employers are not alien to scientists either. Psychologists point out that working for the same company can bond a relationship to the same extent as it affects it negatively.

Individual circumstances

This is an individual issue, consisting of the nature of both partners, their lifestyles and work, and how much energy they are able to put into their home and work lives. The preferred style of coping with stress (task-focused, emotion-focused or avoidance-focused, according to the classification of J. Parker and N. Endler) and the way conflicts are resolved.

Working together or separately?

Whether you will do well working together in one company is largely up to you. However, unless you are 100% sure that this situation will only affect you positively, it is safer to choose to work for different companies.

You will spend some hours without your other half, so you will gain new opportunities and have an easier time maintaining your work-life balance. At work, you will also not be seen through the prism of your other half, which sometimes also has good points.

Job offers in the Netherlands for couples – employment agency or search on your own?

Travel with the help of an employment agency in the Netherlands

READY STEADY GO agency makes it possible for couples to leave together but does not guarantee work in one company and in one department. Certainly, couples can count on accommodation in one double room. So you don’t have to worry about being located in different places and having difficulties with contact.

What’s more, even if one of you loses his or her job, the agency will quickly find new employment, so you won’t run into financial problems. You also don’t have to worry about housing bills – the costs are deducted automatically from your paycheck, without you having to deal with the formalities yourself.

Organizing the travel on your own

You can also organise a couples’ trip on your own, but this is usually more of a risk. Firstly, it can be difficult to find job opportunities in one area for two people. Secondly, there is a greater risk of one person losing his or her job and having difficulty finding further employment. So, there may be a problem with liquidity and the ability to pay for accommodation, insurance or other living expenses.

Secure work in the Netherlands for couples

If you don’t want to worry about shared accommodation or guaranteed employment, a safer option is to go with the help of the READY STEADY GO recruitment agency. All the information you need for your trip is provided by the recruiters, and on our blog you will find practical advice on what to take with you when you go abroad to work, how to look for jobs in the Netherlands (not only for couples) and through which employment agency it is best to go to the Netherlands.

Work for couples in the Netherlands – is it worth it?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. One thing is certain – if the Netherlands is the country you want to work in, you will find the right job offer for you. Find out how life in the Netherlands differs from life in Poland, how to write a CV and choose the right job offer. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?